The result of training 6 week with Pahlavandle

Participants: 12

Average age: 68

Average years of having Parkinson: 9

Training Each day: 150 - 870 minutes


the exercises explained

1. Push and Release (P&R)

This exercise focuses on maintaining balance when support of the back is being removed suddenly.

The fewer steps required for maintaining balance, the better. 0 steps required is best, while 4 is the worst.

2. Timed get up and go (TUG)

This exercises focuses on standing up from a chair, walk  at normal speed toward a cone, 3 meters away. Time is measured with stopwatch. No requirement of speed, as long as it's normal pace.

3. Sit to stand (STS)

The exercise consists of sitting and getting up from a chair 5 times. The exercise has to be done as quick as possible. Time is measured with stopwatch. The focus on this exercise is speed, and the shorter the time the better.

(P&R) - Push and Release


Improvement = 50%


Improvement = 39,83 seconds / 27%

Biggest improvement = 50,2%

Lowest improvement = 3,2%

STS - Sit To Stand


Improvement = 1,81 seconds / 1,8%

TUG - Timed get Up and Go


It has generally been a very positive project, and the feedback we've received shows it's been a great program, and many of the participants has made improvements.



- It's been really good, I hope it continues.

- A little less stiff in my arms and shoulders.

- Probably a good idea to do weight increase in little increments. (50-100 grams was too heavy for me)

- A good process, I'll continue at home with the training.

- My fitness has been improved, I've also strengthened my muscles.

- The whole project was good.

- Training with others are very motivating, and creates friendship.




- We had a good time.

- It sparked interest.

- It gave Parkinson patients a safe environment to test the new exercises.

- It gave an increase in the understanding and knowledge of Parkinson Disease.

- It motivated the participants to take control and affect their own quality of life.

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